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Photo credit Benny Chen Photography

Welcome to our first edition of Aerialist in the Spotlight of 2018! Today we are featuring Renee Walker, a dedicated Firefly student and a talented woman In the aerial arts!

Q: How did you get involved in Aerial Arts and how long have you been training?

A: “There’s never been a time in my life when I haven’t been active. Fitness has been my healthy addiction that has always helped me keep balance and sanity in my professional career and hectic mom life. Approaching my mid-40’s made me rethink my exercise platforms. Long distance running no longer was serving my body. I desired more muscle, particularly upper body strength and was always left unmotivated and dissatisfied working out in a gym. My 7yr old daughter at the time was in gymnastics, climbing a rope to the top with just her arms (legs in a straddle) and I thought – that’s exactly what I need! Firefly popped up in my google search and I became instantly addicted from my very first class! It’s been 3 1/2 wonderful years!”

Photo Credit Benny Chen Photography
Q: What do you like most about Aerial and Circus arts?
A: “There is too much I LOVE about Firefly Aerial & Circus Arts: the incredibly talented and dynamic trainers that are committed to helping you progress – s a f e l y… the delightful and welcoming congregation of students of all abilities that support each other… the physical and creative growth I’ve experienced…the perfect house where artistic expression and and hard core strength can battle it out and go exist. Every weekly encounter revives that magical feeling I got when the circus came to town – and I’m old enough to remember when THAT was the highlight of the summer for a child!”
Q: Any advice for aerialists just starting out?
A: “Jump in with two feet! Be patient with yourself especially if you don’t have a dance or gymnastics background. For those of us who stopped playing on the monkey bars when we left elementary school, you need to take baby steps and appreciate each level of achievement. Before you know it you’ll look in the mirror and see that person up high in the silks about to do a drop in the silks and realize ‘It’s you!'”
Thanks for your words Renee and to everyone for reading! We’ll see you on the next Aerialist in the Spotlight!