Studio Policies

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Studio Rules

For Your Safety

  1. No one is allowed on the equipment, unless directly supervised or given specific permission by a Firefly Circus Academy instructor.
  2. No one is allowed on any apparatus or equipment unless they have signed a liability waiver and have properly enrolled in the class, private lesson or workshop.
  3. All participants, or parents of minor participants, must notify the instructor of any physical or emotional limitations that may affect the participant’s participation and safety.
  4. Participants, and parents of minor participants, must appreciate the risks of participation. Any activity involving height and/or motion has the potential for unintentional injury such as strains, sprains, dislocations and breaks to bone structures, serious head and neck injury, paralysis and even death.
  5. A clean studio is a safe studio – please, no shoes and no food on the carpets/mats. Keep your personal belongings in your bin.
  6. In case of emergency or injury, please immediately notify your instructor. There is a first aid kit in the cabinet above where the chalk and rosin are kept.
  7. Out of respect for other students and instructors, only people taking a class are allowed in the main space while a class is going on. Please do not arrive any earlier than 10 minutes prior to your class.

Code of Conduct

It is the goal of the Firefly Circus Academy and Firefly Theatre and Circus to foster an environment of creativity, safety, encouragement, and respect, where students and staff have the ability to reach their individual goals.

We want to ensure that all people who enter the space are treated with respect and consideration, regardless of their gender, race, religion, physical disability, mental diagnosis, national or ethnic origin, social status, age, size, sexual orientation or gender identification. We are committed to create an inclusive and safe space for all.

The following behaviours will not be tolerated:

  • Harassment, assault, or abuse of any kind
  • Unkind behavior
  • Unwanted feedback, corrections or criticism
  • Negative body language
  • Disrespectful and uncooperative attitudes
  • Participation or association with any terrorist or discriminatory organizations
  • Acts of bullying. Bullying can be defined as the followings:
    • Physical pushing, kicking, hitting, pinching, etc.
    • Name-­‐calling, sarcasm, spreading rumours, persistent teasing and emotional torment through ridicule, humiliation, and the continual ignoring of individuals
    • Racial taunts, graffiti, gestures
    • Sexual comments, and/or suggestions

Respect Others

Use your time and energy in the studio to focus on your own goals and progress.
Everyone at Firefly is a valued part of the community and should feel encouraged, motivated and appreciated.

Any person who does not adhere to this code of conduct will be prohibited from participating in Firefly’s classes and activities and asked to leave the studio immediately.

Sexual Harassment Policy

Firefly Circus Academy and Firefly Theatre and Circus is committed to providing its students, staff and clients a safe, positive and healthy environment.  We want to ensure that our studio is free of sexual harassment and that we treat anyone who reports such incidents with the utmost respect.

Definition of Sexual Harassment:

Sexual harassment is unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature which makes a person feel offended, humiliated and/or intimidated.  Sexual harassment can involve one or more incidents, and actions constituting harassment may be physical, verbal and non-verbal. Sexual harassment may take many forms, including offensive and unwelcome sexual invitations, offensive and unwelcome verbal or graphic conduct of a sexual nature, and offensive and unwelcome physical contact of a sexual nature.

The above behaviours are strictly prohibited at Firefly Circus Academy and Firefly Theatre and Circus. Our staff, students and clients must always be aware and accountable of their actions, whether in our studio or another premises. They must always follow our policies and code of conduct guidelines.
They must use appropriate language and never communicate in a way that is demeaning, harassing or sexually oriented.

Aerial and circus arts requires active spotting so there will be physical touch in the classes; verbal consent will be required from all students for spotting. If we feel your safety is at risk, we may need to use physical touch in case of emergency.

If you have been a victim or a witness of any perceived or concerning behavior, please contact the studio Executive Director, Annie Dugan, at any time.

We are dedicated to ensuring Firefly Circus Academy and Firefly Theatre and Circus is a safe, healthy, and positive place that is free from harassment of any form. 

Firefly Aerial Arts Photo / Video Policy

To support a safe and respectful environment for students and instructors:

  • No photos or videos during classes without instructor permission.
  • Under no circumstances are students allowed to video instructors while they are teaching unless specifically approved by instructors.
  • When an instructor has granted verbal permission, it is specifically for that student to record themselves. Students should not photograph or video others without their permission.
  • During Open Studio, students may take videos or photos of themselves, provided that no one else is in the shot.  Students should not photograph or video others without their permission.
  • Do not share photos or videos on social media unless you have received permission from each person in that photo or video.

Open Studio Policies

  • Open studio time is for practicing skills you have learned in class, not for experimenting with new tricks or apparatuses.
  • Only use equipment you have been trained on.
  • Be courteous toward others using the space. This is meant to be a cooperative, supportive environment in which people can train and learn. It’s not a competition.
  • Ask permission before offering feedback to others training in the studio. If a person says they do not want feedback, respect their wishes.
  • Don’t teach in the space and­ absolutely no teaching of students by students. Skill­ sharing among advanced level students who are enrolled in Firefly classes is allowed; teaching new skills to less experienced students is not.
  • Ask for help if you need it! The supervising instructor is available to help with equipment and safety questions.
  • Respect the authority of the supervising instructor. The supervising instructor has the final say in all matters regarding safety.

Late Arrival Policy

If a student arrives later than 15 minutes into a class, the student will not be allowed to participate. When you arrive late, not only are you discourteous to your fellow students, you also disrupt your coach’s ability to deliver a safe and effective class. Coaches use warm up exercises, stretching and skill development at the start of each class to establish safe physical practices and proper technique that students will build on through the rest of the class. You may not miss the warm up. Students who arrive late may stay and observe and stretch on their own beside the class, but will not be allowed to participate.

Firefly Circus Emergency Action Plan

If an aerialist, student, or anyone in the facility has a life-threatening emergency, one person should stay with them and call 911.


  • Indicate your need for an ambulance
  • Our Studio Address: 8540 Roper Road NW, Edmonton
  • Our Studio Phone: 780-758-9999
  • Injured person’s approximate age and medical issue (i.e. head injury, spine    Injury, heart condition, etc.)
  • Directions to our facility:
    • Our facility is located at the intersection of 86th Street and 51st Avenue right across from the Provincial Archives.
    • We are in a warehouse bay on the north side of Roper Road, next door to
      Bumper to Bumper Auto Parts.

A second person should be waiting at the entrance to help responders to the injured.  This person should also call the injured person’s emergency contact if they are not already present.

A third person should serve as a ‘runner’ to retrieve medical supplies and first aid necessities as needed for the first person that is with the injured.

A fourth person should take responsibility for the other students, aerialists, and people in the facility and ensure that the area around the injured is clear.


1100 Youville Dr W Northwest, Edmonton, AB T6L 5X8


(780) 735-7000

We have one entrance located at the front of the building, facing south and into the parking lot.  We have an additional door along the back wall, which is the north end of our studio and is accessed through the back of the building.

There are two fire extinguishers in our building.  Each one is located next to an entrance or exit.

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