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Getting Started

Coming into a new training environment can be intimidating.  The good news is that everyone at Firefly has been a new-comer at some point.

We make every effort to be welcoming in our home.  We want everyone to feel safe and welcome and encouraged to be the best that they can be in their circus training.

The important thing to remember is CIRCUS IS HARD!  Getting started is easy, and you may not progress as fast as your friends, or you may surge ahead – but always keep in mind that you are at where you are at.  As long as you are having fun.  That’s the whole point.  IF you are struggling with something, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

As long as you keep at it and are having fun, you WILL progress. 

Often it’s hard to take your time, because there are so many awesome things going on around you, not to mention all the stuff you’ve seen on Youtube and at Cirque.  If you feel like you have mastered something, the hardest thing to do is to really dig in and make sure that your form is correct, your muscles are engaged, and that you can do it over and over with ease and grace.

Once you’ve done that – try doing it with a different outfit, or a different emotion.  Try it with words, try it while you are singing a song! 

That’s what makes you as a performer unique, and it makes the dull stuff way more exciting.